Making it easy

Making it easy for you, where you can expect quality, great service, and passion.

When you need support most

If you need support for your project that has complexity, tight deadlines and tolerances. 

What do you need?

You need to be able to compete in the global market with a manufacturing partner you can trust

You need a partner that is reliable, at Avalon Engineering we say what we do and do what we say

You need a partner that combines innovation and creativity to give you high quality parts that are cost efficient.

You need a partner that is right behind you, supporting you with a professional and high quality service. 

Our Capabilities


CNC Turning

CNC Milling

3D Printing


If your component is complex or you need a quick turn around we use the latest CAD & CAM software to produce efficient programs. Our philosophy of “making it easy” has resulted in very high capability in producing new methods of manufacture, while also achieving very fast machine cycle times and component lead-times.

CNC Turning

If your requirement is for CNC Turned parts with a surface finish down to 0.4 Ra and tolerances down to 10 microns we can help. If you need turned parts to look, seal and fit together just right that is our forte.

CNC Milling

If your component requires CNC milling the expertise and innovative methods that means your components are machined efficiently, cost effective and in a wide range of materials.

Industries we serve

Precision Engineering

Oil & Gas





Your time is precious

We appreciate time is often a luxury that many don’t have, so we strive to respond to our client’s needs immediately without compromise. Capable of producing the most complex of parts, we arise to any given challenge with passion and professionalism.

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